• Goddess Ritual Botanical Bath Salt Blends

Goddess Ritual Botanical Bath Salt Blends


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Ritual of the Sea: Juniper, Fennel and lemon, plants and shells collected respectfully on a full moon along the Cornish coast.

Ritual of the Maiden: A special blend of vanilla, cedarwood and orange, combined with dandelion, blackberry and chamomile flowers, incorporated into a milky white oat bath blend.

Ritual of the Star: A magical blend of sandalwood, star anise and lemongrass with hints of cinnamon to evoke and elevate the starry qualities of magic and ancient wisdom, blended to inspire creativity and ignite the spark of light within.

Ritual of the Mother: Wrap yourself within a cocoon of Melissa, vetiver & cedarwood. Kissed with hints of bitter orange and rose, all celebrated in a floral explosion of marigold, hibiscus, jasmine, wheat kernels, meadowsweet and rose.

Ritual of the Crone: A blend of sacred oils of frankincense, Melissa, sandalwood and rose quartz extract. Entwined with ceremonially harvested witch hazel, thistle flowers and heather bark. Lavender and cornflower petals added with a sprinkling of silver dust to give the colours of dream and vision. 

Ritual of the Moon: A dreamy blend of rose, myrrh and lily of The Valley entwined with blue Bell and sea lavender, Hawthorn and Blackthorn blossoms collected on the beltane full moon. 

Goddess Ritual Botanical Bath Salt Blends

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