11.5cm Ganesh Singing Bowl with stick

Singing bowls are amazing!

They are used to help us activate our brains to move from Beta waves to Alpha and Theta waves. The vibration the bowl creates has a calming, meditative and therapeutic affect as the brain relaxes through the change in wave form.

It can also be used in meditation or other therapies such as reiki or crystal healing to create a bell sound to signify a change is about to happen without having to use words, perhaps a change of hand position or to signify the client to change their side.

If we are the one using the bowl for our selves then there is a certain repetitive focus on creating a good sound with the stick that aids accessing the other states the vibrations are helping you activate.

It is recommended for maximum benefit that regular practice is made, over time this moulds your brain through it's plasticity to access the deeper brain wave states more easily.

Further uses are to aid with cleansing spaces by changing the vibration within the room, and also for cleansing the auric field.

If you are able to call into the store we can give you a demonstration and teach you how to get started. Each bowl is unique, although a rule of thumb is the smaller the bowl the higher the multi note vibration, however other things do affect this such as the metal the bowl is made from and also whether it is hand beaten or machined on a lathe. Mostly our bowls are from Tibet and India and Nepal.

11.5cm Ganesh Singing Bowl with stick

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