• Amethyst Facet Bracelet 19cm

Gorgeous Amethyst Facet Bracelet 19cm


Amethyst is a variety of quartz and comes in a variety of shades ranging from near white/clear/lavender to deep purple. The presence of Manganese makes quartz Amethyst. 

For healing, magical and spiritual practices, Amethyst’s properties and uses are wide reaching - here are just a few; it is a great balancer of energies and energy bodies helping bring mind body and spirit into harmony. It is also fantastic at cleansing the aura and dispelling negative energy build up in it. As it opens the crown chakra it is a wonderful stone to aid with meditation. One of its oldest reputed uses is to help people with alcohol related problems from simple hangovers through to addiction; it also helps with other addictions too, physical or mental. It is also helpful with headaches and insomnia. 

  • We would encourage crystals to be used in conjunction with traditional medicine, not instead of. 

Amethyst Facet Bracelet 19cm

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