Magic Witchcraft Chaos and Beyond

Magic Witchcraft Chaos and Beyond

As well as the trainings that Dave Lee and Anwen run, they curate a series of workshops on a variety of subjects Usually a season comprises stand alone classes of 4 hours.

The Autumn Season of Magic, Witchcraft, Chaos and Beyond continues with Practical Energy Magic 1: Taught by Dave Lee

Do you know how to project healing energy from your hands? Over the years of Dave coaching Connected Breathwork he and his clients had numerous experiences of sensed energy, they developed techniques for raising and directing that energy.

You can raise and entrain sensed energy, also known as chi, prana and athm, for healing and for other magical operations. In this course we’ll practice breath patterns for raising energy and techniques for deploying it outside your body, such as energy portals, and the group energy patterns known as Chaotrons.

The workshop is taught over the Airy Fairy Zoom, facilitated technically by Anwen leaving Dave to exclusively concentrate on teaching the 2, 2 hour sessions.

You can book the workshop direct with Dave -

The cost for the 4 hour course and course material is £50 and concessionary rates are also available, this can be discussed when emailing to book.

The dates for the 2 sessions are 22nd and 29th November and run 7-9pm

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