Magic Witchcraft Chaos and Beyond

Magic Witchcraft Chaos and Beyond

As well as the trainings that Dave Lee and Anwen run, they curate a series of workshops on a variety of subjects Usually a season comprises stand alone classes of 4 hours.


MAGICAL SELF-CARE taught by Dave Lee hosted by Anwen

28TH Sept, 5th Oct, 12 Oct

7-8pm taught on Zoom

This is a 3-part mini-course, live and video on Zoom meetings, plenty of practice that you can take away and use, plus 6 PDFs. 

It’s 3 x 1 hour sessions, with a Discord Forum for the 3 weeks of the course.

This is a rescheduled event, anyone who had previously booked will automatically be enrolled

Pay what you feel. To book, click on events under the events and workshops header on our menu bar.

This course takes the student through a range of proven techniques for maintaining your physical and mental health. 

In part 1, you’ll learn the neurological hack of pranayama for relaxation and enhancement of your immune system. 

Part 2 introduces Connected Breathing for present-time awareness and the overcoming of some kinds of insomnia and also brings in the use of guided meditations for deep relaxation and aura work. 

Part 3 will introduce you to working with a proven healing spirit, Kawa Pohr.

We have An I Ching workshop and Crystal workshop in the pipe line. Watch this space.

Blessings and Blessigns Anwen 

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