MAYA; I started work experience at Airy Fairy in 2017, after which I became increasingly attached to the place - despite knowing very little about magical wares I soon gained important and unique skills such as identifying rocks, colour-matching candles and aesthetic salad assembly.

In addition to this plethora of productivity, I also acquired many good friends, two stray cats and an ever-increasing collection of cryptic commodities.
I am often to be found obsessively labelling shelves or advising customers on which kind of tea they should try (the answer being, of course, all of them.)

My name is Ruby and I've worked at Airy Fairy for about 3 years now! I really love the diversity and uniqueness of products/pieces of arts we sell (especially all the shiny crystals). Working at Airy Fairy, I've gotten to know all sorts of people who come in and I love to help them out and I love having a chat! (I probably do that last part slightly too much!).

Hi I’m Jordan I’ve worked at Airy fairy since work experience in y10 5 years ago and loved it so much I asked if I could fill a position for a staff member once it had finished and luckily enough it happened.  I love being able to work in an industry I love and have a deep interest in and finding people like me with interests like me .. Airy Fairy is a true magical haven, from our amazing veggie, fair trade and home made menu to our special and varied magical items .. with friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you in any way we can.

Arielle; I’m 16 and I have worked at Airy Fairy for about two years I think, it is a really positive workplace environment due to the fact that all the staff and customers are so friendly. The best part of the job is probably helping customers as it allows me to meet new interesting people that I wouldn’t meet anywhere else. My favourite products are the incense because there is such an amazing variation that you don’t have in any other place, I also like to buy gifts from Airy Fairy, there’s so much beautiful stuff. I continue to work here because I have always loved the shop since I moved to Sheffield when I was little and everyone has been so nice to me here. 

Our First Blog
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Magical Rant and Consolidation
Sometimes something happens that pushes our buttons, and the best thing you can do is write it out and process it....
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